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     My name is Jason Rinto and I am an avid seeker of light and a Navy veteran of 28 years (and counting). Most of my photography is from San Diego, California  and Jacksonville, Florida but I also enjoy travel and military photography.

    I realized my passion for photography soon after joining the Navy in the early 90’s.  My first “real” camera was a Canon Rebel film camera. For the next three or four years I attempted to capture every special moment, and honestly, attempted to make some of my own with my artistic compositions and unique subjects. My drive was to catch that moment in time and relay what it felt like to stand there in awe of the brilliance of life. At some point, my duty to my family and  country took over and it seemed the reality of a busy life consumed me. Subconsciously, I set the camera aside for about 15 years and and concentrated on my Naval career—the Navy was paying the bills after all.

     Fast forward to the present… I still have that passionate desire to find that special moment, that special light and I am always aspiring  to be a great scholar of composition. I am motivated toward landscapes and abstract photography but I am always looking to pursue new types of photography. My attraction to photography has never really changed. I want to share that one moment and that emotional connection with the ones that may never get to experience it first hand. My desire to find and create that perfect moment has been a constant and I absolutely love—and am sometimes frustrated by—the challenge and patience required to achieve that goal. My greatest honor is seeing one of my photographs displayed in a home of at a venue for others to appreciate and enjoy.

    Thank you for considering my photography! If you see something you like don’t hesitate to contact me at delibexp@gmail.com or message me on my Deliberate Exposure Facebook page.

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